2. The idea (people network)


It is just a matter of recognizing the importance of the environmental problem, collecting everybody’s agreement that this is a subject of primary importance, and to force governments over the world to take a share of responsibility, overcoming certain powerful individual interests. Just a matter of moving in the same direction simple?!

These are the three operative principles on which “The Geneva Movement for Sustainability” is founded, which characterize it and which should arouse optimism about attaining the common goal:

1. The power of a “network communication scheme”. It has been claimed that on average we are connected to any person in the world through a chain of six people (friends of friends…). Modern technology allows for exploiting this to quickly pass a “relevant message”.

2. The incentive to propagate the message: positive balance between the incredible benefits in the near future (2012) vs. the minimal effort in time- required in the present. Passing the message allows many others to have access to it; not doing it, takes an opportunity from them.

3. The geographic localization: we welcome members all around the globe, but the action is targeted towards a very small city, where IO’s reside. It is like a very powerful lever with a fulcrum in Geneva.