3. Action (sign & spread the manifesto)

There is evidence that human action is changing the climate of our World. Specifically, unless a reduction in CO2 emissions of [quantity] is achieved, an average temperature rise of more than two degrees is to be expected in [time] and, moreover, we enter a critical region where we start to lose control – if any – over the situation. In more generality, we are witnessing a clear degradation of the natural environment, with loss of biodiversity and a big problem of pollution. In short, we are not behaving as a “sustainable society” with regard to future generations

For the moment, we and our representatives (governments, institutions, firms, … ) are not taking full responsibility of this major problem. Successive annual meetings by the UNFCC parties are being held (last one in Cancun), which just postpone the decisions for the following one.

There is not yet a serious comprehensive study, which has been widely exposed to the public, on the possible ways to go about this problem – in terms that everyone can understand. It turns out that the sacrifices involved in some of these solutions, if we embrace them all together simultaneously, are minimal! Even in the case that a complete change in the Western way of living were necessary, it should be our choice; the nature of the problem is such that our representatives are not genuinely interested in facing it.

Agreeing with the above stated, I want to undertake and acknowledge a responsibility towards future generations and I demand that sustainability is promoted to the top of the political agenda, with reliable information on the global solutions to climate change being a first priority. On my side, I commit to tell (at least) two other people of the importance of this movement to make them sign as well.




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